Performance itself was fine, so i'll crit mostly on the mix

The main vocal line could've benefited from a high pass filter as there was a lot of low end that was unnecessary and ruined the intelligibility of the line, also I think you should invest in a pop shield

Secondly, the acoustic tone isn't the best around but it could definitely be improved if you miced it up instead of DI'ing it

The harmonies were good and I think if you tracked a few more and maybe panned them a bit wider it'd open up the stereo image a bit more. Lastly, I highly recommend you compress the vocals for a more even nature, dynamic range is usually the last thing to be considered when mixing a vocal

Personal opinion, I would've muted the drums and just added some slow pad sounds in the background instead

Nice nonetheless
I compressed the vocals quite a bit. What would you suggest I tweak the compression to? I've also never used a high pass filter before, do you think you could explain what that does?

Thanks alot!
A high pass filter essentially filters out anything below where you set it, it's part of an equaliser so you will definitely have one.

The best place to start with your vocal is around filtering out anything below 80hz with the high pass filter and then moving it up bit by bit until you have what you desire.

There is also a low pass filter which does the same thing but removes the high frequencies instead of the low ones.

Since I'm too lazy, here's a video


edit: as for vocal compression, don't be afraid to be heavy handed with it, the vocal can't afford to be lost in the mix due to being too quiet or loud in some parts