This is sad news. I'm not a massive Black Sabbath fan but this is sad news nonetheless.

I hope Iommi gets better. This must be pretty crushing to fans.

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December 14, 2017

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Well that sucks....

... But I wasn't going to be able to shell out the $180 for concert tickets, anyways.

EDIT: Well in this case I really hope Tony gets better. It would be sad to lose him and know it's coming...

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Noo! I was going to see them at Download!


Edit; So they're playing Download still? Sick.
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Massive shame.

It's nice to see they're not letting the festival fans down since they're THE big name on the bill for download.
Hopefully Iommi gets better quick.

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Noo! I was going to see them at Download!


They're still playing Download.
this reunion is cursed hopefully tony gets better soon

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Hope it's not true ><

Get well soon Tony!

Zakk is still with them and having Slash come in is an added bonus, so I would probably go see them regardless XD
Yay! So I still get to hear Ozzy sing his songs like 5 steps down from the original key and still manage to screw it up?

I can't wait...
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Damn, hope Iommi gets better. I was against the whole thing because of Bill Ward getting screwed, but I was also very concerned for Tony's health more then anything. I'm a huge Iommi fan and hope he gets better.
That's a bummer man. Was hoping to maybe see them again. Was lucky enough to see them like 6 or 7 years ago (?) and it was the best. Right up front too. Hope Tony gets better.
Goddamn I was so happy, then Bill pulled out, Iommi got sick and now this

Really hope Tony will get well, the godfather of metal can't die
Man, reminds me of Heaven and Hell in 2010... shit sucks
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"Instead of a Sabbath tour, frontman Ozzy Osbourne will be hitting the road with an “Ozzy & Friends” show. The singer will be joined by Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, along with former touring mate/guitar great Zakk Wylde and guitar icon Slash. Check out the tour dates below."

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