Hi guys

I'm dying to get into a band as of late, but I just can't find anyone.
I've played live before in A BAND, but it was a one off thing and it wasn't like a proper band, more like a mentoring program a while back, and I've gone solo with a backing track for school and some random talent contests etc.
I've got the skills to play live, and I;m dying to be in a serious metal band that will realease music, resurrect the dead metal scene in my area and tour the world lol.

Hardcore is actually kinda popular around where I live, the Gold Coast, and there are a few bands which have a kinda Metalcore style (I as One, The Lane Cove), and you have a few death metal bands as well but they dont do many shows (Widow the Sea, Rome/Devolved), and you might get shows popping up once or twice a month or once a month or so but there aren't many venues.

But metal is basically dead.
There might be 3 or 5 metalheads in my entire high school.
Well I'm turning 15 in a few weeks, time to get my shit together.

I don't know where to go to find these metal heads that also want to make some brutal music, I've met a few muscians in the past and we try to organize to jam but we never end up meeting up and stop talking, and yeah, but I think I might just take a "recruiting" methold, I already have a few songs mostly written, I could audidtion band members to fufill my project?

I have a decent place for practicing at my house, an entire lounge room, 2 guitar amps, and one bass amp, and I could probally buy a microphone and run it through some stereo speakers for the vocals.
Drummer would have to bring his own kit.

And as for when i finally am innit with my full fledged extreme metal band, how do I actually book shows?
How do I get up there?

Should I try and preform at something like a school assembly to get the band's name out there (maybye not because kids will just call it "Screamo", lol).

If anyone's got any advice
Search through the Ask Van Hammersmith columns on this website, he answered the question like 20 times.
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Search through the Ask Van Hammersmith columns on this website, he answered the question like 20 times.

What ever happened to ol' Van Hammersmith? I stopped getting on for a while, and now I haven't seen any new articles.

Oh, and good luck bro. Bands are difficult. I'm currently hoping that college will open some more opportunities for me, and if not, well f*ck, I'll just have to make my own opportunities. Try to find people to work with, but if you're not sure, don't just say yes to see if it will work, because its a pain to kick people out. And once you get a band together with some material, start talking to the people who do booking at the venues in your area.
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What you have to do is put an ad in ALL musician classifieds. I'm talking everything from online, to local free magazines (like drum media), to the notice boards in music stores. If you were over 18 I'd say go to the bars/clubs where metal heads hang out and put notices in the toilets, you could try and sneak in. I'm sure you only want people around your age though. Find out if there are any metal gigs, go to the venue and give people little flyers advertising what you're looking for. For example, here in Sydney Marilyn Manson is coming to the Enmore theatre. There are always people lined up outside when a gig is on, if I were looking to start a metal band I'd make sure they saw my ad.

You also need a rehearsal space to jam with the people who reply to your ads. It's probably best not to be at your home, you don't know who these people are until you see them. Like when my band started, we got a lot of reply's to our drum media ad and the amount of weirdo's that came in... :S. Luckily for us, our singer studies at one of the music colleges and we can book rooms to practice in. So we were in a very safe environment lol.

Dude, if you're just shy of 15, you have PLENTY of time to get this going. It's great you've started now but don't put pressure on yourself to rush. Keep looking for people but in the mean time get some songs or ideas down, keep practicing and progressing your guitar playing and work out exactly what you want in a band.

Some things I have learnt,
In a band being able to play your instrument is just a small part of it. You need to work well with the other members creatively/musically, have the same level of enthusiasm and get along well personality wise. For example, you might want a drummer who is really good at double kick. You get a drummer in who is ok but not the best with it. However you guys jam really well together and find it easy to be friends. That is more important than the drummer being able to do double kick.

Unless everyone is equally dedicated, the bigger the band the harder it is to rely on everyone. My band is a 6 piece and I'd say 80% of our practices aren't with everyone there because of schedule conflicts. It's extremely frustrating and very disheartening.

Make sure if you're unhappy with something don't keep quiet, it's really important to voice your concerns otherwise tensions build and can potentially break up the band.

Be a nice band member! Keep an open mind. If someone brings in a riff jam on it regardless if you like it or not. You never know what will come out of it. For example, Slither by Velvet Revolver, when Slash came up with the main riff none of the other members liked it but he kept pushing them to give it a chance. Slither turned out to be their biggest hit haha.

So yeah, that's my novel written lol. Best of luck with it all
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What ever happened to ol' Van Hammersmith? I stopped getting on for a while, and now I haven't seen any new articles.

He stopped/quit/isn't making them anymore. He had a farewell column 4 or so months back I think, probably more. But yeah, he was such a cool guy. Like a mellow Jackal.