I was wondering which pickup you use to play like metal style solos? i have emg 60/81. also I seem to be getting alot of feedback while using the bridge pickup. anyway to get rid of it? usually happens while using the tubescreamer stompbox on my vypyr. thanks in advance.
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emgs should be pretty quiet
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i suspect you have too much gain on the amp, and possibly the pedal. that would be my guess for the feedback.

as for soloing, I usually use a 60, unless I want a more aggressive sound
Yeah, I didn't think EMG's were supposed to be bad about feedback. Probably turn your gain down a bit... and the pedal too.

I remember I used to get a lot of feedback, but then I turned my gain down a bit, and it helped a lot. And I got better at muting with my hands.
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When u use a tube screamer drop the gain back on your amp a bit, that's the only thing i could think of. EMGs are usually quiet as
Stop using the TS-effect on the Vypyr.
It just adds fizz, feedback and riddiculous amounts of gain.
And any high gain model on the Vypyr is distorted and tight enough anyway.
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