Hey guys. Heres my story:

I've been trying to sell or trade my American Strat for a while now, and so far the only person to give me a decent offer is this guy who has a whole bunch of amps. He wants to trade a Peavey 6505+ for my strat. Now dont get me wrong, I like the 6505+, but I was more looking into what the Mustang IV/V can do. Any suggestions on what I should do? I was trying to get about 700$ for my strat.
Personally, I think the mustang would be an awful trade, quality and value wise. What model 6505?
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If you are thinking of a Mustang surely a 6505 is entirely the wrong amp? I'd just sell the guitar and with the money you get look around for an amp that is exactly what you want. I don't mean a Mustang, I mean the amp you want the most that the Mustang is pretending to be. If you are in the US you could score a real Blackface Twin for that sort of money (if that's the sort of thing you want).
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American Strats tend to not hold their value as well as other quality guitars since they're so common/available. I'm not saying $700 is a bad price to ask for, but many for around $600.