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About the finish... Lets say I dye the entire guitar red. What sould i use for sprying black paint? Can I use some kind of spray can of black paint for wood, and spray that on the stained wood?

Well I've posted this a few times in my build thread, no answers so...

Th finish I'm aiming for is a PRS Scarlet Smokeburst, with a bursted back and a bursted neck.
Well since the colors kinda fade or mist together and the best way to achieve that look is to use an airbrush. I don't know how well paint will stick to the stain that you do first, if that is the order that you're going in, I go to ABS or to auto-body shops when I have painting questions. Maybe instead of paint you could use dark stain, I don't know how well ebony will cover but that's about as dark as stain goes.