I just got a guitar from one of my dad's friends... it's like a Strat style copy. bright Redw/ a white pickguard, maple neck Avec black dot markers and 3 single coils. its a SSS rout. the Head says " HONDO DELUXE SERIES 760". there's a sticker on the back on the head their's a says "certified by" then some strange marks. it has what looks to be a ceirel # on the heel of the neck that reads H760MR. the whole thing is rusted; frome frets to pots to the magnets on the pikups. EVERYthing

Thanks ~ Phillip The Epic
sounds like it could possibly be a japanese made Hondo, which are decent instruments - can you post any pictures?
yeah, picutres would help.. we had a hondo in at work and it was pretty damn awesome..
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generally they are pretty nice guitars. Not worth a ton but they clean up pretty easy and play nice.
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