Hey guys,

What can you guys tell me about this guitar?
Really like the looks (especially the natural look) but I'm more used to playing harder genres (think of Alexisonfire, Gallows, Subways,...)

Think this guitar will hold up in a hardrock environment? I KNOW it's the Jim Adkins signature and i really like Jimmy Eat World and their sound, but can it take more than that?

I have one. It is absolutely amazing.

I also have a Gibson Les Paul Standard and a USA Fender Strat. The Tele holds it's own against them.

It's just such a nice guitar. It's very versatile. Sounds more like a Les Paul than a Tele. I find it hard to get a traditional authentic tele sound from it to be honest.

It's very well balanced, no headstock diving and the guitar is a very nice weight. The neck is real nice too.

There isn't much buzzing or hum from the P90's. There's some, but it isn't that noticeable.

Everything on the guitar is fantastic. However, the pickup switch has come loose and it's hard to tighten up again, but that's the only thing.

Here's mine:

I have since put a "rhythm/ treble" ring around the pickup switch because I think it looks stupid without one. Notice how I also put Les Paul style speed knobs on it. Because I really didn't like the knobs that were on there before.

It is easily one of the best guitars under £1000 I think. Definitely get one!

Quite a lot of bands including and similar to the ones you posted use traditional single coil telecasters. This has P90s. Which are overwound single coil pickups, so a higher output. Which means they will be able to play post-hardcore like Alexisonfire, Gallows etc without a problem.
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by far the most constructive reply I've ever had. Thx mate! You answer exactly every question I had about this guitar! The Gibson style knobs look very nice by the way!

I hope they ship this one to Europe as well 'cause I heard there were some problems with international shippment for this model...don't know why, don't know if it's true

Either way, thx for your reply mate!
Ahaha nice! They're pretty rough videos though. I learnt the song then recorded it. So the songs weren't that rehearsed and make me look worse than I actually am Me being impatient after 10 + takes of the same song and just wanting to get it done.

I'm in the UK and got a shop (Mansons) to order mine in for me. Apparently everyone in the shop was really surprised at how good it was too.