Whats up all. My buddy from California who plays great keys is in town right now, so we've been taking the opportunity to jam. I hit record for about 20 minutes of one of our sessions, and broke it up into 4 smaller videos.

Some parts are better then others, we're not worried about it we just let our fingers drive.. we ain't scurred (: all the parts are pretty cool, but each one is cooler then the last IMO.. just cuz we warmed up and got into the groove a bit. Parts 2 3 and 4 have some drums too. So hopefully you watch all 4 and enjoy them thoroughly, if not then please feel free to tell me which one(s) you DID watch and what you thought!

It's all improv, mostly progressive rock/blues/funk fusion type stuff, lots of trading soloing etc. Also keep in mind that we haven't jammed together in years! We are old friends and have both been playing our instruments for well over 10 years. Any advice comments or critique on my playing or his is welcome, and if you feel so inclinded then please feel free to check out any of the free HD video lessons on my channel as well. Any comments or advice on those is appreciated as well! You can comment here or right on the youtube page idc. If you check out the lessons and you find them helpful, subscribe if you'd like. I put out new videos almost every day.


Find the videos on my youtube channel: www.youtube.com/CLFGuitars
They are under the playlist 'improvising!!!' on the right side of the screen, as (HD) Guitar / Synth improv jam! p.1 - p.4

Alternatively, click here to start watching part 1 now!

Enjoy, leave a link for c4c
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So I checked out part 1 and 2 and 3. Sounds cool and I can appreciate the mixture of sound you have going. The only thing that is difficult for me to really critique is that its all improvisation. So there is no specific direction for me to follow or expect to follow. Part 1 kind of just sounded like noise while you guys were finding your instruments. Part 2 picks up a bit and you guys start getting down some base patterns to feed off of. I did enjoy the beginning of part 3. But just when I begin to get a feel of a good jam it changes up and you guys are on to something else (or maybe its my a.d.d.). Like you said, some parts better than others. That being said, I do like the sound when you guys get into a good jam and the playing sounds good and clean.
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