Whatsup guys,

I'm looking to get an Emperor 2x12 but I'm not sure what type of speakers would be best for me.
Right now I'm playing a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster head ( 50 or 100 watts ) through an Orange 4x12 cab with my Fender American Deluxe Tele,
I'm in a Pop Punk band as well so that kind of give you an idea of what type of sound I'm looking for. Here are the options I have, I'm just opening up my ears to everyone's opinions since I don't have much knowledge about speakers!

w/ eminence legends (150 watt cab ) - $495
w/ weber 65’s (130 watt cab) - $525 * this is the recommended speaker for our cabs, but since it is completely hand made in the US it may take a little longer for your cab.
w/ most other eminence red coats and patriots - $525
w/ celestion g12, v30 or greenbacks - $675
empty w/ wiring harness - $425
with that i would recommend a K100 mixed with a V30. i have around 16 (yes 16) V30's some chinese quite a few English, i have 2 K100's and four of the English ones that are K85's however are identical. i have quite a few T75's as well.

i run my Splawn Nitro through a 4x12" cab with V30's and K85's two of each in X pattern. it absolutely kills.


if they recommend the weber, that may be a solid option. i bought a weber amp kit (JTM45) from there and there were lots of problems, it was three months late. not impressed. i have heard his speakers and they sound great, its just that i will not be ordering from their site again.
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I would go with G12's. I play the same amp and a very similar guitar to you and I experimented with alot of different speaker options (including X-patterns of two types) when I was loading my cab (I bought a traynor- cause they're built like tanks- and experimented with different speakers in it).

I found that the G12 had a more prominent upper-mid/treble character that really helped it cut through a mix. they give a bright and clear sound that stays musical enough not to be harsh. the extra brightness should help you get a nice pop-punk tone (I occasionally fill in a punk band with mine, and it really works) I found that V30's masked the presence of the amp a little bit, and they had to work harder to cut through a nasty mix. I personally didn't really care for any of the eminence speakers I tried. they were okay, but I didn't think that they could hold up against the Celestions, especially given the relatively close pricing.
Which G12 are you talking about?

G12H-30, G12T-75, G12M-65?

They all sound completely different.
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Which G12 are you talking about?

G12H-30, G12T-75, G12M-65?

They all sound completely different.


my bad