Not really big on metalcore myself, but I find mathcore pretty interesting lolz.
The first riff is actually pretty cool, digging the time sig changes. It transtitions nicely into the second riff, wich is also pretty nice. The next ring out bridge is pretty cool, the drum fills keep it interesting. Digging the riff at 38, and even more the next riff, groovy as hell. Then it comes a breakdown; was expecting it to be in a weird time sig, but it's not bad, just try to spice it up a bit. Reintro, doesn't sound forced. Really digging the next blast riff, the harmonized repitition is a nice addition. I wasn't really expecting the next breakdown, so props for that. It really seems to throw you off, which makes it alot better than the previous one. Overall, a 7.5/10.
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