You've probably already guessed what this is about... I have a left handed Schecter Synyster Gates Special guitar, the problem is that none of the cases I own at home are big enough to fit this guitar in. I live in Switzerland and I've searched high and low for this case

I'm unable to find it anywhere. I've even checked a couple of Amazon-life websites. The one I found at Amazon.com doesn't ship outside of the US. What can I do? Do any of you know of a case that would fit this guitar? I'm also looking for a gig-bag. I have the same problem with that.. It's too small...
Try a bass case,or a coffin case
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Quote by roaddawg07
Try a bass case,or a coffin case

Can you please send me possible ones which you think might work?
just put it in a trash-can.....thats where it belongs.

but seriously look for a universal "extreme" shape case. they fit Explorer,V,ML. SKB and Gator make themm among many others.
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