Here's something I wrote on FL Studio's demo version the other day. I'm only just learning how to use it (or any DAW whatsoever for that matter), I think the piano sounds a little bit heavy - but to be honest I'm just glad it's not horribly broken, as you can't edit a file after you close the programme in the demo version!

I also fear the first bit may be really derivative without me realising, so do let me know if it's too close to something else which already exists.


As the title implies, I'll have a listen to any of your tracks & give feedback, if you'll do the same for mine in fact I might just go on a crit-spree anyway, regardless. But still...

Thank you for listening!
Thanks for the crit man,
This sounds great, love the melody and the progression, i could see this being an intro for something like a Dream Theater-ish song, would be nice if you could add more to this after or add more layers to it to build it up more but overall this is pretty good stuff, keep it up!
I know - I can't wait to get the full version of FL so I can go back and play around with it in my own time! Thanks to you too, interesting what you say about Dream Theater...I'm not looking to compose any actual metal, but I was thinking, if I made an EP or something I would quite like to have a heavy intro of some kind following this.
Nice melody and note progression. Could do with have the route notes played behind it on the lower keys on the piano.
If you have added a guitar into the music to strum a few chords to fit the melody, it'd sounds really cool
You should check out Native Instruments piano plugins. They are wicked =]
Cool ideas anyway mate. Let me know when you upload anymore tracks
Will do, thanks!
I agree on most/all of those points, if I'd had the patience it would've been a little better to give some more depth to the piano part instead of just having one note at a time. And also I can't wait til I can afford the hardware to connect my guitar to the laptop, without then having to buy 7p noodles or whatever for the next month...

In the meantime I'll check out these Native Instruments plugins you mention - thanks for the tip.

Will do tomorrow (in England) as long as I remember to do so. If not then very soon after. Thanks for the feedback!

I agree about the piano, it sounds a little clunky, as if someone is just smashing each note as hard as they can.
Haha this is great, it gives me a nostalgic feeling as in it sounds to me like it could be in an RPG game or something. Like one of the final fantasy games or crono trigger.
Not in a bad way, it's a good composition.

Also : http://www.cable-trader.co.uk/images/items/6_3_mm_socket_to_3_5_mm_plug.JPG

Get that and jack your guitar straight into your line-in. It won't sound as good as a proper external soundcard, but it's a proper budget way of getting some guitar in your tracks :P
I like it man! As I was listening I kinda closed my eyes and tried to let the music guide my brain to see where it would take me and I got to say, it was pretty cool. (no I am not high on the drugs...) Anyways, I could definitely picture this song being played as background music in a movie scene involving a kind of dramatic play through of scenes that piece the overall story together. I could also see it being played as the music during a dream sequence kind of scene. Another thing that came to mind was the band coldplay. If the rhythm was increased a bit and a big bass sound was introduced and maybe even a little synth, I could definitely see this as an intro/base rhythm to one of their songs. Nice work!
cut. it. out.