i focused my practicing on left hand, trying to build stamina alternate and downpick. and now, after increasing my speed by a liittle (but still sucks), i realized how pitifully slow my right hand is.. srsly it's so pitiful. :O

stuff focused on fretting hand right now.. half scale, chromatic.. random stretching, and an exercise from my classmate. eh. :|. what's a good exercise to add ? i'm looking for something to help me do runs/switch fingers..
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Don't focus on one hand at time, speed is not your issue.

The problem you have is not being able to keep both hands in sync, that's what you should be working on. Slow everything down and focus on getting both hands working together. There's no specific exercise that's going to help, it's something that you have to apply in everything you play and practice.

If things start downhill it's not because one hand can't "keep up with the other", it's because you don't know the part well enough to keep both hands in time with each other.

You can't force yourself to be able to play faster, and you can't simply keep trying and hoping the mistakes will somehow sort themselves out because they won't.
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Practice picking. Without and with the left hand, but always practice with only the picking hand for a while, concentrating on relaxing it after every note. Start slow and start rising the tempo when you're ready, and check the economy of the movement all the time.

Also, I'd suggest ending your practice by going through some exercise you've been practicing with both hands separately, concentrating on using a perfect technique and going very slowly. This way your technique will actually keep improving during the time you don't practice.
Look under Right Hand:


They are definetly not the funnest of excercises and intolerable for some people, but i must say they are incredibly well rounded and do wonders for your picking if you woodsheed the hell out of them.
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