Stuff Im selling

2x Se Electronics se2200a (one is totally unused and still packaged, the other has bee used a couple of times and has a hard case, both have shockmounts)

Presonus 8 channel pre amp rack (I think its one of the older digimax FS models, never used)

Digitech Hardwire Chorus & Digitech Hardwire Tremolo/ Rotary (both in almost perfect condition)

A not working randall 75watt combo, I believe the transformer died, would be selling for parts or a fix up job, the speaker works fine, I think it a randall jaguar, cant remember if its 10" or 12"

Carvin legacy 100w head, all tube, 2 channels (used only a few times, almost perfect condition)

Schecter C-1 Blackjack (some wear on the back, from the front looks as new, has the standard seymour duncan set of humbuckers, upgraded tuners to grover locking and an upgraded roller bridge)

Just shout if you need pics for anything, or if you wanna discuss some prices

How much are you looking to get for the mics?
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well the used one has already, gone
as for the brand new one, they retail for about £150, so £140