So I'm taking a trip to Vegas at the end of march and I want to take a day and just go gear hunting. My logic is "it's VEGAS", people pawn all sorts of stuff, or sell it cheap to get quick cash, so I'm hoping to find a gem or 2.

My question is, can anyone recommend where to look? In terms of maybe certain pawn shops that tend to carry more music equipment (guitar mainly) than others, or maybe have better prices/deals? Most of the fun is in the hunt, but I'm looking for a general guideline on WHERE to hunt lol. I know in the city about 40mins from where I live there are a couple that you seem to see a bigger selection/better prices in than all the other ones. I'm not sure why that is, but it's definitely the case, so I'm wondering if the same applies to ones out in Vegas. Given that I'm only there for 5 days and it's for a friends bachelor party, I won't have a ton of time to drive around searching a lot of shops. If anyone could clue me in on a few of the better ones for gear buying id be extremely appreciative.
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check out cowtown guitars.

there's a sam ash and a couple GCs but cowtown has more vintage stuff.

i went to the "pawn stars" pawn shop out there, they had a couple beat up squiers and a bolt on bc rich. the guy said they ebay anything "usa" as he called it. but there is a whole row of pawn shops right there and i'm sure that something nice is hanging out there somewhere.
Sweet, that's what I'm looking for, just a grouping of pawn shops. I can go to guitar stores anywhere, I'm kind of looking for a pawn shop steal as opposed to just a guitar store with vintage stuff. So that group of pawn shops will be right up my alley. Where in relation to the main strip are they? We are staying at MGM.
"Space may be the final frontier
But it's made in a hollywood basement."
they are up by freemont street sorta iirc. so north of you a bit, you're south on the strip from there. it should be roughly a $25-30 cab up that way from MGM.

the pawn stars shop is small and dingy as hell. it's kind of, well not kind of... it's a dump.