All of this is potentially for sale, after a massive slimdown;

Epiphone Explorer, 2002, black, PRS HFS in the bridge, Iron Hear Alchemist 90 in the neck, Kluson tuners, fullsize Alpha pots, ritter gigbag

Gibson SG Voodoo, 2004, luthier repaired neck break right at the top. No effect on playability whatsoever. This is probably the one Im going to keep though.

Ibanez SV470 MIJ, 2004, natural mahogany, recently (or rather, this weekend), will be setup and bridge posts re-seated by http://www.prguitars.co.uk/, comes with tweed hardcase

Ibanez Blazer MIJ, BL100 (I think, although feels like mahogany rather than basswood), 1995, needs some TLC but works fine and plays like a dream.

none of these NEED to go, but if there's any sensible interest I'll consider it. If you're genuinely keen, PM me for photos.