You are pushing too much and it's making you go off key throughout most of the piece.

Screams sound good and the diaphragmatic support you have gives you good execution here. I think you are carrying that mentality into your singing and that is really hurting your cleans.

For cleans you need to support instead of push. Singing shouldn't be much more work than breathing/talking. You can add rasp to the clean voice by other means than pushing.
When I don't push like that it sound really really wimpy and weak...is that just something that comes with practice?
Indeed. Do you wish to sound like him? If so, I can tell you the man uses poor technique and is ABSOLUTELY terrible live. I saw them when they came to Columbus and both his performance and stage attitude was beyond poor. It was hard to watch.

What you need is to learn how to support and project.
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I wish to sound like he does on recording.... I know how bad they are live...as are most bands in that genre of music lol.

the fact is they're one of the biggest upcoming bands no matter how bad they are live...I just want to be able to execute and make something. I'll keep working on this!