Hey will you guys help me make a song? a fun project. alternative / indie type sound. The shins, the smiths, bright eyes, the pixies, and modest mouse are in my head through this.
link didn't work. nah im just trying to make a collaborative song.. what's wrong with that?
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link didn't work.

Btw, the only way you'll get to write a good song is trying.

Your first songs will suck, indeed, but you'll improve it with time.
Think of an event anything. Like a short story. Try to describe this story by using poetic descriptions. Try to find a melody and try to rhyme some of the words. If you get the hang of it, the rhythm inside your mind will guide you the rest of the way. You just got to find matching words after that. Try it, it mustn't be something long at first. I hope this helps.
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