Hi all, just a few questions on pedals and such.
At the moment I am running a gibson sg special into a marshall TSL602 and although I love the tone i'm getting out of it, i'm looking to add to the rig with some pedals.

1) I'd like to add a chorus pedal, but am not sure what brand i'm looking for. I'd only use it to fatten up my clean tones as I can't stand chorus with gain.

2) A delay pedal is also on my list to consider, but same again, I have no idea what i'm looking for. I'd partner it up with some reverb to add to my more melodic solos.

3) What exactly does a compressor do to the tone?

4) And how much of an upgrade would a reverb pedal be compared to the onboard reverb on my amp?

My budget for the pedals would likely be about £150-200 for everything, so that should give you an idea of my price ranges.
So if you can recommend me any pedals i'd be much appreciated, as I have no idea what i'm looking for at the moment.
Thanks a lot, and if i've missed any details out, just let me know!

I need advice on some pedal brands to look into
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Every pedal board needs one of these

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Delay: Boss DD-7, can't go wrong with this
However I've heard good things about the Berhinger DD6600 (behringer's are normally crap....but I've heard good things...as I said)

A reverb pedal would be a SIGNIFICANT upgrade to the one on your amp
However if you only want basic reverb....tbh your amp will suffice
I love my hardwire pedals. Delay is excellent and the reverb is fantastic. It is much better than onboard reverb.

For chorus I found a five dollar behringer pedal, and think it sounds great......but that's just me.
If you wanted, you could get a bunch of effects but im talking about Danelectro pedals which are pretty cheap. They are really cheap prices but they're like beginner pedals. There is a Rogue delay pedal that goes for about 50$ and thats a pretty decent pedal. Not the best pedal, but for the price you cant go wrong.

MXR has a good chorus pedal(its around 80$), its called MXR M148. Theres not much to it, just one knob but its a good pedal. Rogue also has a chorus pedal thats worth looking at. Good price, and also good pedal for the price.

Hope I could be any help to you. Boss pedals are always good to look at but can be a little be pricey. DeltaLab pedals are pretty cheap but you get what ya pay for with those. Digitech Hardwire pedals are good choices too, but also a bit pricey. And lastly, MXR pedals are good quality pedals. Some of the MXR pedals are decently priced too.
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EHX has a nice line imo. I love everything I have they make. They have a Nano-line, which doesn't cost a lot and gives a good basic effect.
tonerider analogue chorus is pretty nice for £49 on dangleberry music. far as i'm aware it's a lightly modded boss ce2 (discontinued by boss, that's one of the sought-after 80s ones).

not too sure about the delay. do you want analogue or digital? will you be using it with cleans or distortion, or both? are you going to run it in the loop?

a compressor compresses your signal *trollface*

basically it makes quieter noises louder and louder noises quiet. So at lower settings, it evens out the peaks and troughs in volume which can be useful if you're playing a lot of clean lead- say in country type music. At higher settings it'll increase your sustain. Personally, i rarely need one. Not to say they're not useful or anything like that, but a lot of the time i see people saying to get a compressor and it's not really necessary, it's covering up for bad technique or sub-par gear.

For certain things they are very useful, though. As i said, i'm not saying they're useless or anything like that. just be sure you need one before you get one.

what type of reverb does your amp have? spring? assuming your amp has decent spring reverb, a pedal probably wouldn't be much of an upgrade in terms of quality of tone, but a pedal would probably give you access to different types of reverb sounds. so it depends on what you want and need.
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Electroharmonix smallclone is what I use for chorus, I like it, but I dont remember the price...
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