In a few days, I'll be getting my guitar back from the repairman, with frets leveled and crowned, and a shiny new bone nut, I'v got some new strings (9s) waiting for it, and when I get it I want to set it up to be perfect!

It's a Yamaha sg200, from the 70s, so it's old, it's got a tunomatic bridge (old one with retaining wire), fairly standard tuners, 2 humbuckers, and a standard Les Paul style tailpiece.

If anyone has any wisdom to share, or links to some good guides, I'd appreciate it- I know allot of the basics already, but things to check etc would be welcome, especially regarding intonation, and other bridge work (the retaining wire rattles somewhat unless I blutac it)

Join up at the mylespaul forum. There's loads of info on there and they're good guys (mostly!)

I know it's not a proper Gibson as such but they're still nice guitars and a lot of the stuff on there will apply to you and other stuff is still interesting. Just give it a go..
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