I just bought this on impulse. Pretty cheap.

I need a new computer for digital audio. I run cubase and often want to have more than 8 or so tracks running (more like 30 some days) and this laptop (seen here for comparison purposes) and it just can't handle it so I need an upgrade.

So I got that computer up there which shits all over my laptop, and I'm wondering how much better I can get for the same or not much more money. It came out to less than 600 dollars.
That machine will be perfectly good for recording.

Beats the hell out of mine, and mine is perfectly good for recording.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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I mostly use VSTs and stuff like that though. Not just recording a guitar or whatever. My worry is that the processor isn't all that great. It's pretty new so it's hard to get info on it for me since I don't do this often.
The processor is a quad core with a pretty good bus speed. AMD is usually known for having slower clock speed, but faster bus speed than an Intel. You shouldn't have any problems at all. Plus it's 8 gigs of RAM, so no worries there either. If for some reason you do have problems, then you can just start freezing tracks. But I seriously doubt you'll have any problems with that setup.
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I got this instead off newegg


Only 20 dollars more and makes that one look like it's made for babies. Well not really but it's a little better

Smart move, the Sandy Bridge i5's are REALLY fast.
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