Right, i'm swapping my DSL 100 for a 1985 2204 800 but I find there isn't enough gain compared to my DSL, I normally run the DSL on the red channel at around 5 for the gain, so I'd like something that could match that. Cheers!
...do you want an amp or a pedal?
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why are you swapping then if the jcm800 doesn't do what you want.
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sorry, i was a bit on the OP, i have both, both as i play a lot of blues i love the tone of the 800 compared to the DSL, but as i play in a punk band too i need a pedal to throw some gain in the mix for when i'm playing in my punk band
Ibanez TS-9/808 and you'll be in there
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^If you want to pay for way more than what you're getting.

For a Marshall amp, try out a Boss SD-1. Get it modded if you want. An EQ pedal in the loop will also help a lot. Often times just a boost won't really get you there on it's own.

You'll probably want a noise gate as well, if you don't have one already.
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For years I used an SD-1 straight into my 2203 in a punk band I was in. Worked really well but mind that you have to crank the amp a bit. One drawback was I had to turn the SD-1 off when I wasn't playing or it would squeal like a pig. Great for really cool feedback stuff though.