So here is my cover of Them Changes by Buddy Miles.

This was part of a backing track that had Carlos Santana on it. I kept the verse and solo section then looped it for a double run.


weak guitar tone imho. tight playing( and in key thiss time ;D)playing thought!!! Go on the link in my sig and C4C me a tune
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I did turn down my amp a bit from the last recording, then moved some pedals around and put an MXR dyna comp in my chain.

I love the way this video came out.

Cigarette Song:

I love the acoustic Zepplin sound you have going in most of your songs. Some points of this song the vocals wash out and the acoustic guitar is more present in the mix than the vocals.

Are you using something digiatal to record your solos? The playing is great, it just doesn't feel like tube tone.

Have a look around on my channel I have a few others if you wanna C4C some more.