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really interesting riffs, good work

as for the mix, i think you need to edit the eq on the guitars a bit, they sound really fuzzy

but the bass, damn the bass is nice

haha the bass is just clean guitar droped an octave

But yeah the guitars are way to harsh i agree.
very nice. i dont want to debate all the genres but i would say this is somewhere in the vacinity of Hxc or metalcore just because of the china use and breakdown-based riffs. what was used to record?
The rhythm guitars were occasionally out of sync, which messed with the harmonies they were pulling. They have to be perfectly in time with one another to get the right effect. When they're not, they just sound sloppy.

The guitar tone is alright, but it sounds fuzzy to me. The bass sound worked out well for you. The drums were alright, but they were obviously programmed and didn't really do much to add to the song besides just keep the tempo.

I'd say that this is metal with some hardcore and electronic elements. It's not really metalcore, but it's got some of the tropes of that genre (especially the breakdowns and the china use).

Take a look at the album in my sig if you'd like.