Hey guys, I have been working on learning to write Hardcore style riffs/breakdowns, but everything I come up with always sounds really thrashy. I'm in drop C, and I'd really like to keep it this way.

I'm kind of going for a sound similar to Attila.

Any advice on what I can do to get less thrashy, heavier riffs?
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dumb down your playing.

i know that sounds like a dickhead comment, but its true. dumb down your playing and focus more on rhythm patterns than riff work.
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All you need to get a huge hardcore following.

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Whenever you write something, just think "Will kids be compelled to stomp on their Polly Pocket Playhouse when they hear this?"
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Follow influences from your favourite hardcore bands, cover all their songs and check out their tabs.
Take influences from punk and metal and other genres.

But for the love of god, don't just go with a snare hit between guitar stabs