'Have you any sins, m'boy'
rasped the priest,
in his scrabby, tight monk robes,
on that fateful night.
'I have a fair few'
spoke the dark haired traveller,
as he knelt down on the pew.

'How long has it been'
'It's been to long'
'And what be your sins?'
'There's plenty I've done wrong'

'I'd rather not say, father,
just know that I'm sorry,
for all my evil actions,
my doings, my folly'

'I can't bear the thought,
of eternal damnation'
'Don't worry my boy,
by gods divination,
please pray to our lord,
4 creeds, an our father'
'I don't care for prayer,
I just need to travel farther'
that's pretty cool, but i think it could be more... mysterious
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