I'm wondering which one do you think is better all around, and which one do you think has a better clean channel, The heartbreaker combo, express 5:50 combo or the stilletto ace combo?
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I've only heard great stuff about the Stilettos. Haven't tried either of those though.
Only ever used the Ace, which I own, but its a good amp. I like a nice warm clean sound, but not too loose, and with a smooth, kinda "round" tone (think "Under The Bridge", or some other Chili Peppers stuff. It would also make a good bass sound if it were a bass amp.) Thats exactly what I've got on Tite Clean, using my Epi Les Paul. I think it would probably sound a bit better (to me) with a Strat, but I don't have a good one, so I'll live with it.

I don't know what genre you're going for, but this has a very nice progression through different gain levels on it, so I suppose it doesn't really matter what you play. The hottest I've got it running right now is a step up from Classic Rock on Fluid Drive, like a hot Scorpions tone or something. I'd really like to push it up to modern gain levels, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need some high-output pickups (the ones in my Les Paul are pretty weak) and an OD booster. Maybe some compression too, but we'll see about that when I get there.

Anyway, great amp. Like I said, I don't know about the others, but I can definitely recommend a Stiletto.
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Never played the heartbreaker.

The Stiletto Ace is ****in awesome if that's the sound you're looking for.

The Express (5:50) amps suck for the money. They're Mesa's budget amps.
^ Better yet, if you just need cleans, get the Lonestar and save some money.

The Lonestar is my favorite amp for cleans. It's just indescribably awesome.
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