After running the most important errands, I noticed I was in the part of town where my favorite shop was, it was the shop where I had had my piercings done. I had been waffling back and forth on whether or not to get my clit hood pierced. I’d heard great stories about how ****ing fantastic it felt, even just walking up stairs, I was told you could have an orgasm.

I walked into the shop and noticed that Tanya the owner and best piercer (in my opinion) was working, I could see through the small window to the piercing room that she had someone with her and was piercing someone with something. She acknowledged my entering with a big smile and told me to have a seat she’d be right with me. A couple of minutes later she led a young woman out into the lobby area who’d been crying because her belly button piercing had hurt some. After finishing up with the transaction, and telling the girl how to care for her piercing she asked me what I was doing there.

“I’ve really been considering having my hood pierced” I said.

“And why haven’t you done it yet?” Tanya asked.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m unsure, really, if I have enough hood to do it. How can you tell?” I asked.

“Well, step into the room and take your skirt and panties off and I will check for you and let you know” Tanya replied.

The thought of taking off my panties and having Tanya checking my pussy made me wet and I blushed a little. She obviously saw my cheeks redden and chuckled.

“I’m like a doctor,” she said “I’ve seen it all, no reason to be embarrassed. Besides, I’ve pierced both your nipples and tongue you know I won’t hurt you.”

What Tanya didn’t know was that I hadn’t blushed on account of showing her my wet pussy it was because of all the dirty, naughty, nasty thoughts that raced through my mind at that time! Tanya was hot! She was fit and gorgeous with shoulder length brown hair and the brightest green eyes, I always melted just a little bit when I saw her look at me.

I stepped into the room with Tanya and she closed the passage window to the lobby about halfway so it was still open but not so much that you could see everything if someone walked into the door. She raised the chair slightly for me because I’m so tall and have long legs that it just made it easier for me to get into and she also reclined it so that I’d be almost laying flat on my back. I slowly removed my skirt revealing my lacy boy cut panties and thigh high stockings. I asked her where she wanted me to put my clothes and did she want me to remove my stockings also.

“Just put them right there in that chair in the corner, and no leave the stockings on, they’re hot on you” she said.

I did what I was told carefully folding my skirt and still wondering what I was going to do when she saw how wet my pussy had gotten, my nipples were betraying me also getting harder every second and when I moved just right my matching lacy bra would rub in a way that sent little pulses of shock waves through my entire body. I knew then and there that I’d be racing home to my vibrator soon because if I didn’t cum eventually, I was going to scream. Little did I know that Tanya was thinking the same wicked thoughts as me.

After lying back onto the chair she told me to spread my legs and hold my outer pussy lips for her so she could get a good look and keep her hands free in order to be able to “measure” my hood. Once again I’d done what I was told waiting for her to turn around and look hoping that she wouldn’t think my dripping pussy would mean that I was some sort of freak. While Tanya had her back to me, washing her hands and getting her instruments ready she began to tell me what had happened to her earlier in the day when a great looking girl had come in and she was really turned on but didn’t get the vibe from the girl that she was bi, so she just left it alone.

“I’m really hot and frustrated now” she told me “I’m going to have to find release soon or I’m going to scream”

It was my turn to chuckle at her because I knew what she meant, “I’m having the same problem myself,” I told her.

It was then that Tanya spun around and saw me lying back in the chair with my legs spread, thigh high stockings on and my feet on both sides of the chair holding my pussy lips that were dripping wet with juices. She just smiled an impish smile and bent down to get a better look, “Well” she said, “it’s a beautiful clit, I’m going to put my finger down there and see how much hood you have”

When she placed her finger over my clit, I couldn’t help it, I came. I tried very hard to make it as conspicuous as possible, but she knew. She started rubbing her finger over my clit again in small, slow, circular motions. An orgasm coursed through me with such force I felt as if my body were vibrating. All thoughts of having her pierce my clit had left my mind, all I could think about was how was I going to get this woman’s clothes off and get my face deep into her pussy.

After cumming for what seemed like 10 minutes I was able to speak. “Oh” I said, “I’m sorry! I’m sure that’s not the response you were looking for, I’ll put my clothes on and go.”

“Wait” said Tanya, “That was the response I was going for. You’re beautiful and I knew I had to have you”

That was all the encouragement I needed and I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and unhooked my bra. My nipples standing so tall and hard it was if they were made of brick!

“Mmmm I’ve always loved your nipples, ” Tanya told me, “Ever since I’ve pierced them I’ve wanted to lick them”

And with that she bent forward and began to suckle my nipples slowly and softly making me moan in delight, hearing my pleasure she increased the pressure and I came again, this time squirting so much it seemed as if it had rained all of a sudden in the room.

“Ohhhhh a squirter, yummy!” She cried. And lowered herself down to lick all the juices up. Humming in pleasure, she got to my clit, of course that made me cum again harder than I had already and gushing. After what seemed like an eternity, she looked up at me and started to wipe her mouth off.

“I can’t let you do that, ” I said, “come here” and I began to lick my juices off of her face, while I was pulling her shirt off and undoing her bra.

I then got up from the chair, and pushed her down into it. I pulled her jeans off to notice she was nicely shaved and trimmed like me, but more importantly, and way better, was that she was wearing no panties at all! I must have quivered because she just smiled her impish little smile again. That woman knew what she was doing to me and took great enjoyment from it.

I raised the chair up slightly and started to stroke her body. She quivered at my touch. Her skin was soft and smooth and she smelled great; a hint of lavender and vanilla. Slowly I began to kiss her, first her lips, then her neck, moving downwards slowly. When I got to her breasts, I began to give them extra attention, slowly licking them and around her nipples. I put my mouth over her and I could feel her begin to shake, I kept my licking slow just flicking her nipples ever so much because I wanted to draw out her pleasure.

Soon, though, she couldn’t take it anymore and gasped, “Please, stop torturing me, I’ve got to cum now!” I took my finger and started to rub her clit just as she had done mine.

Just then, the door opened and we heard a man call out, “Hello Tanya are you around?”

“Yes,” she gasped, “I’m back here.” She then turned to me and said, “Don’t worry, it’s my boyfriend, he’s going to love what he sees.”

And there he was in the doorway. I continued to rub Tanya’s clit not worrying about him knowing I had a task to do. “She likes it when you stick a finger in her pussy” he told me. And so being a good girl, I did what I was told, crooking my finger up to hit her Gspot and rubbing her to a screaming orgasm.

“I can’t take it” I cried, “I’ve got to taste you” and I bent down and began to lick all her dripping cum.

Meanwhile, Tanya’s boyfriend began to undress quickly and roll a condom onto his throbbing shaft. Quickly he grabbed my hips and slammed his hard member into my wet swollen pussy. I let out a moan but continued on with my task. Soon Tanya was cumming again on my face, gushing with juices and I was crying out because I ‘d cum too. Quickly I told Tanya to flip over and get up on her knees so that her pussy was there for her boyfriend to slam and I slid under her so that I could suck his balls and lick her pussy at the same time. I took his condom off and told him, “I don’t want you cumming in her, I want you on my face!”

So, while he was pounding Tanya every so often his dick would slide out of her and into my mouth. All of a sudden he roared out a sound that could only mean one thing, so I laid very still and began to pump his shaft with my hand, soon he’d squirted all over my face in wonderful sticky warm cum, matting my eyelashes closed with all of his jizz. Tanya flipped over, laid on top of me and began to lick my face clean. Taking her time and using little licks when she got to my lips.

We all kind of sat there, panting and sweaty and so satiated, I didn’t know how I’d make the trip home. I never did get my clit pierced that day, but that’s ok I can always go back and try again. Who knows maybe I’ll never get it done, but it is fun having it checked out first!