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I hear his breathing speeding up. "If you don't stop you are going to have a face full of cum!"

I wanted his load. I knew I could get his tool back to life after he splurged all in my waiting mouth. I wanted to taste another man's seed so bad.

Kristen puts her hand on my forehead and pulls me away from the strangers prick. She wasn't ready for him to cum yet, probably worrying it would knock our **** fest back down to a party of 2. I knew I had complete control over this hairless beast but she is the boss. She is always the boss when we're in the bedroom and I liked it that way.

"I'm sick and tired of you doubting that this is my his first dick!" Kristen snapped to the stranger. "Maybe this will shut you up!"

Kristen stood up on the bed and started to lower her sopping wet pussy on the strangers finely chiseled face. As she got lower her ass cheeks were barely spreading just enough for me to get a little glimpse of her tightly puckered ass hole. I need to taste it. I stand up between the strangers long, smooth, shaven legs and move on top of him so I can get a taste of my wife's inviting backdoor.

I'm moving in to take the prize and I can see his tongue lapping up all of her fresh honey. My nose enters her crack first followed by my drooling mouth. Right as I was close enough to **** her brown hole with my impatient tongue I can feel mine and the stranger's cocks rubbing against each other. It was so warm and still wet and sticky from the mouth job I just gave it.

I finally have my tongue deep in Kristen's ass while she's riding our new toy's face. I can smell sweat and must in her ass crack as I probe her rear entry and it was driving me wild. I know I was probably smearing my precum all over the strangers penis and waist because I was unintentionally humping him as I was searching for gold in Kristen's delicious ass. Not to worry though, I will lick it all up when I'm done.

Kristen reaches behind her and holds my head in her ass a hard as she can. She starts bucking on this stranger's face.

"****!" Kristen screamed.

Her body starts convulsing and shaking. Her breathing gets loud and fast. As she is orgasming, she squirts her batter all over the face below her. Her breathing slows and she dismounts our faces. She lies down beside the stranger in the bed. The strangers face is absolutely caked with her pussy juice. I climb up his body a little further so I can lick all of her cum off of his violated face. Almost forgetting, I think of all of the precum we have pooled at his middle. I climb off his body opposite Kristen and on my hands and knees I start to turn around so I can 69 with this willing piece of meat.

Below me I can feel my whole entire dick being engulfed with moans and slurping as I slowly, but forcefully, **** his face and my balls are lightly tapping his forehead. On my end I find the mess we made minutes ago and start cleaning. I love the taste of precum. It's sweet and the texture is amazing. Now that our mess is cleaned up it is time to make a new mess. Still thrusting my meat in and out of his mouth I grab his legs and pull them up so I can hold them back with my elbows. Now I have access to the forbidden fruits. I suck one testicle into my mouth and start rolling my tongue around it. Now the other and I go back and fourth between balls until I take them both on. I'm gentle but bold.

"mmmmm..." he moaned while being ****ed in the mouth.

I release his jewels from my mouth and follow the spit trail I just made to his tight asshole.

"Do you want me to tongue **** your ass like I did Kristen?" I asked. "Do you want to see how deep I can actually **** you?"

All I hear is a heavy "uh huh"

Still holding his legs back I push my elbows back further to give me direct access to his sweet spot. Without hesitating I dive straight into his ass crack licking the entire length. Like Kristen, his ass is sweaty and musty but just slightly more. I find this smell to be a huge turn on. Licking back and forth through his crack I finally stop at his rectum and pierce it with my sloppy wet tongue. I feel him slightly bite down on my dick when I first enter and he starts panting and gagging. While cleaning his asshole I remove my **** from his mouth and it slaps by stomach with force from the release. My balls are now resting on his mouth and instead of cleaning them for me he enjoys the attention his hole below is getting and breathes warm air on my scrotum. It feels amazing! I don't know what this dude douched his ass with but it tastes great! This is definitely the best asshole I have ever eaten!

Now it's time to reverse positions. I hold onto his ass and roll us over so he is on top. I want his **** again and I want him to rape my mouth. I wrap my hand around his prick and position it to my mouth and I go to work. With my hands on his ass I force his hips to thrust down and I take his **** to his balls. He understands what to do now. He takes over and ****s me fast.

****ing, sucking, ****ing my mouth. In and out. Precum just collecting at the top of my throat, waiting for me to get my chance to swallow. Very suddenly he stops ****ing and moans a moan I haven't heard out of him yet. I open my eyes and look up to see a humongous fake **** resting at his rear opening. Kristen is about to **** his ass with "big boy"! She has only used this thing on me a couple of times because she claims she doesn't want to hurt me but I've told her many times I love it. The depth this fake pecker can reach in my ass and the fullness I feel from it is incredible!

I see the white flesh colored dildo carefully start sliding in his delicious asshole while still holding his leaking dick in my mouth. She stops for about 20 seconds every inch or so to get him used to this monster. Her hips are finally resting against his ass cheeks and she starts to slide back out. Only this time a little quicker. She stops just before the head pops out of him.

"The hard part is over. Now you better hold on!" she exclaimed

Without anymore warning or prep work she starts drilling her big dick in and out. He lets out painful sounds for a few second and then he's silent and starts thrusting his hips again. With eyes open watching all of the action going on inches from my face , I start doing my thing on his rock hard **** again.

"You like my dick in your tight pussy dont you slut?" she taunted. "your man pussy is going to be so wore out when I'm done with you you won't be able to sit down straight!"

I feel his **** start tightening more than its been all night. I know what's about to happen. Kristen must have known too...

"You better not swallow his load! I have plans for that cum."

Stranger stops thrusting in my mouth and starts yelling.

"****! I'm cumming!"

His shaft starts twitching and I receive stream after stream of the most amazing cum I have ever tasted. I could actually see his ball sack shrinking with each pulse! This was incredible! Without swallowing I start swirling my tongue around to taste the fresh man shake I just won.

With a mouthful of his seed, some leaking out of the sides of my mouth, Kristen pulls her big boy out of his "pussy".

"get up! Both of you on your knees on the bed."

Side by side we stand on our knees, my mouth still at capacity with sperm, we wait to see what she has up her sleeve.

She looks at me, "I want you to bend him over and blow all of the cum in your mouth up his little man pussy."

Surprised at where this is going I dutifully put my hand on his shoulder and push forward until his ass is pointing up for me. On my hands and knees, I put my face back in his tasty ass crack, seal my mouth around his freshly ****ed anus and start blowing. I didn't really think this would work but that "big boy" dildo really stretched him out to the point where his ass was gaping. Once all of the cum was gone from my mouth I lean back up and look at Kristen.

"Now I want to see my man cum in his ass too" she said with a smirk on her face.

I look to his asshole and see its already oozing a little of his load back out so I hurry to get in position. My dick slid right in with no real force needed. I have ****ed Kristen's ass many times and it never felt quite like this. Not only was it full of his own cum, it really did feel exactly like a woman's pussy! As I'm ****ing this asshole Kristen slides under me and starts tickling my balls with her mouth and inserts three pussy lubed fingers in my ass.The thought of my wife servicing me like this and my dick in this gorgeous ass full of cum sent me over the edge after about 20 short seconds later. I feel my balls tighten and I absolutely explode into this poor stranger's man pussy. With my dick still in him twitching I fall over onto him and lay on his back so I can gather myself. That was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had! Kristen sits up and licks her fingers.

"Now I want him to squat over your face and feed you what we've been working so hard for tonight." Kristen said while still teasing her fingers with her tongue.

I can't believe this! I'm about to get a mouthful of heaven and it will be twice the amount! I quickly lay on my back and the stranger stands up on his feet, steps one foot over me and squats right above my face. His asshole was beautiful. Gaping wide open and drenched in white cum. He barely had to push before I started getting glob after glob of our sperm cocktail directly in my mouth from his ass. It was wonderful! I almost couldn't swallow fast enough to keep from wasting some.

When the stranger declares himself empty, I swallow the last bit of cum in my mouth and close my eyes. It was time to rest. When I wake up I want my ass shot full of cum!
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