Hey man, thanks for listening to my song, I think I will try to re-record it in the next few days and add some of your ideas.

I used to listen to most of your guitar pro files and enjoyed them, so I already know you're a good writer. This track sounds good as well. I agree with the drums sounding good, could have almost fooled me. The cymbals could have been just a tiny bit louder though. The clean guitar tones sound good, though some of the distorted parts sounded a little too "robotic" (?) for me, but that may down to personal taste. Overall, the song is pretty interesting, what type of vocals are you planning to put over top of this?
thank you for the review-always happy to C4C, as with out people 'critic'ing me (i know that's not a word) i won't improve, and so how can one expect help from others without giving in return

i listened to your song. your ambient sounding intro had me nicely fooled-so well done on that for a start (it didn't sound too obviously like heavy-rock-trying-to-do-soft-breakdown style thing). drums sounding good.....surprisingly took me longer than normal to realise they weren't real (cymbals were the giveaway though). having the pianoey instrument in the second half sounds effective, and prevents that part of the song from sounding too generic. favourite part is 2.18-2.27 melodic bit. your biggest issues are obviously mixing ones, but i'm not really gonna go in to detail about that as you know this already. good job-defo needs vocals- though i would keep some of the quiet melodic bits as bits without vocals, as vox might cover up the really nice ambience sound you have. or if you do but vocals on to those bits, maybe adding a filter to the vox playin over those bits might make them tie in.
Thanks guys.

Mean Mr Mustard: I don't really want any harsh vocals, a voice like Karnivool would be ideal really. I don't think I'd want a voice like most post-hardcore bands these days have, you know that high-pitched, almost girly voice like Asking Alexandria, Broadway etc.

SG-Burchett: Yeah I agree about the vocals thing on ambience-y bits, I'd imagine to have some instrumental sections as it's quite a long piece. Might be a while before vocals happen though.