Hey all, so I apologize for posting another "what bass amp thread" but I'm at hour #6 on day #2 of research into bunches of bass amps and am still without any decision, so I have broken down and decided to ask.

The bass player in my band has a passive spector 4-string bass (not sure on the model). We play hard rock (tool, chevelle, 10 years, a perfect circle, breaking benjamin) etc. He is getting a new bass amp and needs something loud enough to compete with our heavy-handed drummer and both my 60watt all tube Peavey 6505+ amp and our other guitarist's 50 watt all-tube Peavey Valveking amp.

My guess is that he will need something around 300-500 watts RMS, hes really looking for a good bit of headroom. Am I right with the 300-500 watt range??? He obviously needs something with a tone geared towards our genre of music.

Budget is around $600 and he is not opposed to used items, but would obviously prefer newer or cheaper if there is the option.

He would be open to a head/cab or a combo, but a combo would be preferred.

I'd love to hear any suggestions, I've been looking into so many different amps but am having trouble finding some clear comparisons. He and I plan to take a trip to a nearby guitarcenter but I wanted to get some input beforehand because the guitarcenter is really not that nearby and because volume is such an important factor.

Thanks so much for any help!!!
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Thank You!

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Check out the Nemesis line from David Eden. I think they actually call them the E Series now. Here's the link http://www.eden-electronics.com/products/eseries/

I have the 2x12, 320 watts. Able to keep up with two guitar players both playing 100 watt Marshalls and a drummer no problem. More than enough head room.
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