I have two motherbuckers that I want to wire in a LP Copy. I have 4 push pull 500k's a three way LP selector. I want to wire a motherbucker in the neck and the bridge position. So it would be like wiring 4 humbuckers. I can't find anything to help with wiring this setup. If I wire it like 4 humbuckers, I want to be able to select from running all of them in series and to be able to select "coil splitting" from each of the motherbuckers. Each motherbucker had 8 wires. So each MB is wired as two separate humbuckers. Any idea on how I can wire this with the 4 push pulls and the 3 way selector? If I need to add anything I'm willing to modify but that's a last resort. If I did have to do anything it would be on the back of the guitar on the plastic covers for the caps or the pickup selector.
Any ideas? I've wired a bunch of guitars and a couple of JP style mods. But I have no idea how to do this.
The pots are brand new push pulls. I don't know where on Duncan's site it will show how to wire two Motherbuckers or essentially 4 humbuckers. The ehow gives a little more information. But no where can I find wiring two Motherbuckers. Yet alone up to 4 push pulls to utilize having each motherbucker so that I can run either dual coil of the 4 per each pickup. Then I also want to be able to run both pickups in a Megabucker setup so I'm running all 8 coils at once.
Any takers??
I did the 2 motherbuckers with the fender triplebucker, for a total of 11 coils in what I call the Memphis mutilator. It has just a master volume and tone with 1MegOhm pots, but is selectable using a 6-way rotary to be able to do anywhere from 1 coil to all 11 in parallel. The triple bucker had an extra single pole on-off-on switch to select between 1 to 3 coils on. The motherbuckers were each wired to be all 4 coils on all the time. I didn't use push-pulls, instead I put in a 4p-dt on-on stomp switch to make it an 11-coil-in-series megabucker. I call that the mutilator switch. I was really only partly successful, since they are really series-parallel and in "mutilate mode," one of the selector positions goes to ground, and 2 other positions turn the triple bucker switch into a kill switch, which I think is cool anyway. Some of the combinations are awesome and sound like you have a wah-wah pedal on it. I got all the building blocks of information from guitarelectronics.com and built it without prepping the diagram before. If anyone cares I can trace a wiring diagram and post pictures. I built it in a Memphis student guitar with everything mounted to a pickguard I crudely made myself, but I selected electronics that would work with a black beauty or dean cadillac 1980 if anyone ever wanted to do it to a nice guitar without completely destroying it.