Hey guys I am trying to learn how to play by ear and want to know what songs would be good to start off with. I am honestly open to any music! I've been playing for about half a year and have been playing only by tabs so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the help!!
Dredge up a copy of "Tommy" by the Who. Peter Townshend uses a lot of open chords, and you'll learn a lot of great rhythm guitar while you're at it.

Much of Tom Petty is fairly simple also. A lot of The Stone's, "Beggars Banquet", is also fairly accessible.

Many country songs have simple changes, but you have to be aware, as often as not, the acoustic guitar has a capo on it.

The solution for that is, you must learn to turn open chords, into movable forms. You fiddle around pulling open voicings up the neck until you've figured out the key, then slap the capo on it.
you want simple newer stuff? A7X's dear god or so far away are fairly simple. as is most of Hinders music( what ya gonna do) or Sixx am. all use standard tuning and are good acoustic songs.