I listened to Alice in chains a lot as of late, especially the new album, so I wanted to know, what's your favorite album of them, song or whatever, just some alice in chains stuff.
It used to be Rain When I Die, now I have like 10 favorite AIC songs

Dirt, Facelift and Jar of Flies are generally considered to be their best efforts (some people rate the Unplugged record just as high) but in my case they really can do no wrong. I love the bootlegs, the new record, the crappy-ass audio quality demos from their early days...

What I enjoy most is that they always sound good, no matter what mood I'm in. Once a year I go like on a binge and don't listen to anything else for at least a week, and since they started touring again I've been making a habit out of bringing homies along just to see if I can turn 'em on to some Alice... Which isn't as easy as you'd think because they haven't received a lot of exposure since the mid 90's, but once they've seen 'em live they're usually hooked

I can't wait to hear their upcoming album

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Shwilly pretty much summed it up for me. My favourite band of all time and I strongly believe Jerry Cantrell is one of the best songwriters ever. I think my favourite song has to be I Stay Away as to me, it kinda sums up everything that band can do. The vocal harmonies, their bright, acoustic side in the verses and their darker side in the chorus. Guitar solo's not bad either! Oh and I think it was the 3rd Alice song I ever heard (behind Them Bones and Rooster).
I just can't stop listening to them, so my favorite album or favorite song always change.

Right now, I'm kinda into their 1995 album, "Alice in Chains", and my favorite song is God Am. And I can't wait for their new album... Cantrell is just a genius.
Big AIC fan, as for a favorite song, gotta go with Sickman, or Down in a Hole. Kind of a tie between those two
UG's Alice in Chains fan for a reason.


Love, Hate, Love
God Smack
Put You Down
Nothing Song
Am I Inside
Get Born Again
Hate to Feel
Rotten Apple
God Am
Heaven Beside You
Head Creeps
Acid Bubble
Lesson Learned
Private Hell
Black Gives Way to Blue
Your Decision
What the Hell Have I?
A Little Bitter
Shame in You
Swing on This
It Ain't Like That
Bleed the Freak
I've been on a grunge binge lately, especially Soundgarden. I've re-discovered the whole genre and I'm becoming fond of AIC again. I still have to give the new album a listen though!
Just buy all of the albums.
Alice in Chains has never released a bad song.
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Anyway, I'm a much bigger fan of the mellow lighter stuff than the stuff that's considered metal, but they're pretty much all great. Fav songs right now are Rotten Apple, I Stay Away, Brother, Got Me Wrong, Down In a Hole, Rooster, Nutshell, A Looking In View, Acid Bubble, all that good stuff.