Hey UG! Long time user, first time poster (as promotor). My band Tastes Like Victory released our first album a few months ago, but it hasn't got much attention. Check us out?


^That's our UG page. Here's a couple more links you might find useful for first-time judgers:


Any feedback will be read, of course. No promises on how timely I'll respond, though :3

TL;DR - Check out my band Tastes Like Victory. Click a link.
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I have a show with a band you sound exactly like, soon. Better production on the voices though. I like you guys, but meh, nothing's really getting my attention. It feels a little Sum 41-y though, so at those times, good for you.
i like what i hear, nothing really stands out but it sounds like you guys have great potential. The guitar tracks seem a little... idk the word... maybe, budget? if i had to take a guess at it i would say that the drums were programmed via addictive drums (what i use ALWAYS, even when i can record a real kit, i just trigger it) or another software instrument. Not in a bad way though, gives you hella control over their sound. and the vocals are top notch, you guys have a great vocalist, and whoever is recording you did a pretty good job with it. Needless to say, your facebook page earned my "like"