Im totally new but does anybody know what guitar this is? Other than a tele.
And the approx market value?

Thanks all


This is the most similiar that I found. I think it says fender on the headstock, so it's market value can be anything between 500 and 3000 euros.

EDIT: The amount of screws is pretty odd on that tele. That guitar has more screws on the pickguard than the american vintage 52 or that guitar I linked. And the Inlays are not black either, which is unusual with maple fretboards. Well, I hoped this helped at least a bit...
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That's a Fender Lite Ash Telecaster. Great guitar; birdseye-maple neck, comes with Seymour Duncan pickups as stock and overall very well made.

As for market value, this would depend on where you live (and of course the condition of the guitar is an important factor as well). In the US these were sold around the 670$ mark and in Europe they were about 525 euros.
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The abalone inlays and birdseye maple neck scream Fender Lite Ash telecaster
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