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Music is a big part of my life, and has been since I started listening to metal in 8th grade (at age 14, I am 17 now). It is my dream to live out of music (though I hardly think I'll have a breakthrough). Metal have been the music I've listened the past 3 years.

Nowadays, I don't feel the same for music. When I start up my Ipod and select a song I don't listen the song for enjoyment, but I immediately start to analyse it to think: how can I reform this genre or mix this genre with something else?

The reason I start analysing is that I have become aware of how this works: There are usually the most original bands that get record deals and stuff. So I've started analysing some more. I have noticed that the most original bands are the ones that break out of the box, but then all the fans start making bands similar to them and today it's become a genre ... a genre with awful generic bands!

Some metal genres have died ... Thrash, Power, Death and Black metal are some of them. The reason I say they are "dead" is that the gems are discovered and old and all the new bands do is imitating them ... especially in thrash metal! They are all like: "Oh look at us we bring thrash back!" ... NO you don't "bring it back" by copying the originators!

But, now listen carefully to me: I am NOT saying all thrash, power, death and black metal bands sound the same. There ARE still SOME gems out there! But the amount of generic bands are so high!

I am constantly analysing songs and genres to try and reform metal into something new, but it seems everything have been done! Even djent have been mixed with keyboards! Everyone constantly say: "listen more varied music to be original" well guess what? Someone did and mixed with something else before me! I can't think of anything that haven't been done! If you look on underground bands within a genre you're MOSTLY (but not always) gonna find generic-ness all over it!

Nowadays I listen more classical music and still some metal, but I can't enjoy metal because I think: "Oh god, if I dig into this I will just find generic bands" so yeah ... metal is almost gone for me... Anyone here share the same point of view? Or have some thoughts about this? I'd love to discuss this a little, because it has been bothering me for so long!

Also I am looking to create something new in metal myself, but I am no better than the generic bands ... I just can't think of something to mix, because it seems like almost everything have been done... So if anyone have some ideas on this topic I would love to hear them!

Short Summary: I can't enjoy metal anymore because there are too many generic bands! I'm not saying there aren't good bands out there but they are lost in the mass of bands that copy others ... especially in thrash, power, death and black metal IMO. I think it's becoming a problem and I wanted to know if anyone share my point of view? I also immediately start analysing the songs because I thought maybe I could do something new, so if anyone have some ideas on this topic I would love to hear them!
If you want to find new bands, look through the recommendation thread at the top of the page. We don't really do threads based on people's rants around here, it's more of a forum for discussion. These type of threads pop up and the result is always the same - you just have to dig under the surface. And I dont mean google advanced search.
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