Hey guys,

this is my first try on an ambient post rock track.
with the final speech of the film "the great dictator" with charlie chaplin
also, if there will be any UG Post Rock album in the future i would really like to submit this track, cause i think its great ^^
C4C of course

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awesome stuff. im listening to it....as i type.....i dont listen to any post rock, but im a big shoegaze fan, same boat, so i appreciate this stuff. nice work bro
did you speed up the sample? or does he normally talk that fast?
i liked this
thats such an awesome speech!
do a lot of people contribute to the ug post rock album? i didnt realize how many people on ug were into that, it thought we were all metal heads lol
idk, but the UG Post-Rock album seems to be one of the bigger UG albums, but they have just released the thrid post rock album, so it probably will take bit of time till the next one gets planned, but I will definitely constribute some tracks this time^^