I've got a fairly decent mix of my bands song. Its not great but it does for now. Just wondering what people think I should tweak or add to it? First problem was the cymbals were bleeding on the snare track, so I finally managed to tone them down a bit but now the kick is sounding a little too much. Any suggestions?

fix the kick. it sounds so hollow...
could also do some panning so taht all the instruments are more easily distinguishable.
fatter sounding guitar, easy trick is to record 2 versions of the exact same guitar as close as possible sounding, because the slight differences make it sound bigger and wider instead of flat.
assuming you mic'd the kit with at least a few mics, take the kick track and make a copy of it, then eq 1 as the high frequencies of the kick, where all the attack comes from, and then eq the other as the low frequencies where all the big fat sound comes from, just something to try.
also, when you record it next time, try moving the kick mic around until you find the sound you want, its easier to fix it before you record it then it is to "fix it in the mix"

all are things you can try
i quite like the bass sound

edit: also, what are you using to mix it?
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