Well, the beginning, the middle part and the ending (the three calm parts) are really, really awesome, espacially the middle part and the ending, but I don't know about the two lloud parts, the voices in the background are great but the guitars are way too trebly and "cutting trough" I'm gonna follow you on soundcloud (:
awesome thanks
eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im hoping it will sound more full and complete. i havent done any EQing in reaper yet, just recorded guitars, i probably shouldnt have even uploaded this, but why not.
what voices in the background?
i heard voices too... thats so creepy, i recorded in my garage, and i was the only one there...

edit: my rock band mic always makes things too trebley...i dont know how to fix it personally
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dawg, good look sifting thru all the shitty ones...which is like all of them but maybe 3
im gonna follow you on soundcloud, but its 5:36, il check out the rest of your stuff in the morning...afternoon lol.
yeah i play drums, if you can call it that lololol
The clean parts sounded great; I really can't judge the louder parts until I hear them with drums and bass. A solid bass part could really improve those sections.

Also, maybe the "voices" are just the echo in the garage, or something of that nature? They really do sound like actual voices, though... either way, them improve the sound, imo.

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cool stuff! I really like all the parts, but they almost sound as though they're out of order, like the song should build from part one into part 2 rather than skipping straight to it. It almost seems like you've just slapped these 6 ideas together, but maybe it will tie in and make more sense when everything else is added.

Anyway, I liked it, check out my songs if you get a chance