The title makes sense right?


I'm looking to start a band in the Guilford area, I play acoustic guitar and I'm looking to start a band with acoustic rhythm and electric riffs, like Panic! at the Disco's album Pretty Odd. I've been playing for about a year now, I know lots of songs, but some of my favourites are;
American Pie- Don McClean
Sing-My Chemical Romance
Foxy's Folk Faced-Ocean Colour Scene
and That Green Gentleman-Panic at the Disco
I can't play power chords. I dont know why I find it so hard, but I do. I also cant play B chords, any variations on them. I have a little bit of trouble with That Green Gentleman because of it.
I'm also fourteen, so that sort of age group.
Practise Bar Chords till your fingers bleed. Then some more :P
Then go listen to Dave Matthews Band and learn some of his songs, Grey Street is pretty easy and is a great song, something like So Much To Say is a bit more challenging, but is great for moving on with the acoustic.

Anyhoos, I love the idea you have, Ive wanted to do a similar thing for a while but also havnt found the people :S
All the best in your quest
lol, thank you anyway. It's nice that people can just take a little bit of time out to give me a hand, I had someone else show me some rock n' roll girl bands, it just brightens up my day anyway. :P
You like MCR but can't play power chords? Doesn't that rule out like 90% of their songs?
Well then to be fair... that's not really playing the song, is it?
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Would you mind going away? You're not really doing anything are you?

How boring would it be if every cover was exactly the same as the original song, if you cover something you should put your own spin on it. Otherwise there's no point covering it, just listen to the original.