So I was commissioned to do this track for a short film (which I hope I can share soon). Clean guitars are pod and distorted tones are Lepou (mainly Lextac, if I recall correctly), while using the framus impulse from the Sperimental pack. Drums are S2.0, mainly Metal Foundry but I overdubbed some Toms from Hit Factory and Allaire as well. There's also a bit of a local folk music influence. And I got someone to track me some real violins


Hope you enjoy it!


The beginning is kinda creepy (doesn't mean bad ) but when the guitar kicks in, I find that not all the noises fit with the guitar but these little drums/beats and the reverse guitar is awesome
And the rest is grat, love the drums an violins
Also this little piano or something in the end is brilliant
Very nice dude, this song builds so well! The guitar that comes in at 3:10 is a wicked touch, and the pounding drums lift the song to a whole new level. I like it, can't really offer any more feedback than that! I wanna see the film its for!

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