a little something i made today, acoustic with a beat and some extra instruments,
I even threw in a little quote from a certain film-noir if you can guess which one, you'll be awarded 24,5 kudoscookies !
Check it out, tell me what you think, And i'll be glad to check out something you guys made!

Right here is where you wanna click
some goooood good stuff. the whole mood and everything is just great. i'm not gonna lie, there really isn't that much to criticise. the only thing i would say is the xylophone with delay (or whatever instrument that sounds like its double hitting) is the only thing that i would say could be cut out as it seems out of place mood-wise with everything else. the melodies and general layers are great though. recording quality and eq of everything sounds good too.

welcome to have a listen to mine if you cba-
Sorry, I couldn't really figure out too much to say except the drums could sound better. I'd probably change the whole kit. Especially the open hat sound made me shudder.

Other than that it was very well composed, the sounds pleasantly thought out and everything laid out in an intelligent way. Nice track!
Proper mega Radiohead vibe on the intro (not a bad thing)
I love the simplicity of the bass and the keys, they really give the track a a unique edge.
This isn't music, it's aural art! I love stuff like this, unique.
Sorry I don't have any proper critisms, keep up the good stuff! Added on soundcloud!
Thanks for the crit! I can't really think of anything bad to say man, it sounds awesome. Only thing I would change is the keys towards the end, a little to loud imo. Good job though dude!
I really like this, especially the phaser glittery guitar. With some vocals in the beginning it would remind me of some old arctic monkeys. My favorite was the first minute. I can't say I really loved the sound of the xylophone/pad that came in.

The Maltese Falcon. Where are my cookies?

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