Hey guys,

I recently bought a POD X3 Live and im having huge troubles with this machine.

I read the manuals that came with the unit and pod farms manual but still no good.

I am having two main troubles:
I plug my guitar into the input jack, the two output jackes into separate speakers, and the USB to the pc, and when I try to get sound out from the pc speakers nothing comes out, only from the two output speakers.
How do I get the audio from my guitar to sound in the PC yet at the same time keep my pc audio running? (iTunes, Youtube, ETC...)

My second question is that I installed monkey on my pc and installed pod farm 2 and updated all the latest drivers yet when I plug my X3 live into the pc, Pod farm doesnt except the unit.
I will make an example to make this sound more clear: lets say that the pod is not joint to the pc and im on a preset thats cald : "Clean"
Now I plug my unit into the pc, turn on pod farm, and by the two bars up on the program, every time I pick a string those green lights move so I know that pod farm is plugged in properly and that it can realise that a guitar is plugged in but when I change preset the tone doesnt change and on the units screen it still writes "Clean"

You know what I mean?

How do I solve both problems?
Thanks for the help and sorry for writting a lot, I do that sume times
Also sorry for my english I live in Spain
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