Hey guys, I've been in the market for a new something in my rig.

I'm not sure if I just need speakers, or if I need a whole new cab.

But would it be a bad idea to switch out the speakers in my Bugera Cab? I think that's where I've been getting my bad tone from, they're just plain muddy. And the bass response is shit on the lead channels. Sounds great clean though!

I feel that the cab is built very sturdily, it doesn't feel cheap to me? If that makes sense..

So anyway, would it be worthwhile to switch out the Stock Bugera Speakers, or would picking up a Mesa/Orange/Marshall 4x12 be a better idea?

Also, I tried my head through a Jet City 4x12, and that had the low end thump but had articulate highs. That sounded pretty good to me.

Genre:I play in a Pop-Punk type of band, and I use about mid gain tones. But I enjoy going heavy too. I like good cleans.

Budget: well considering I'd be willing to shell out $1,000 for a high end cab, it doesn't really matter. I'm just looking for cheaper alternatives first.

New/Used: I actively check my craigslist, but it sucks. And anything there is is overpriced anyway.
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i'd probably get a different cab. i could be wrong, but i'm guessing the bugera is particleboard or mdf or similar. get something ply.
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New cab. It will be built out of better material and probably end up costing the same as if you were to replace the speakers, once you factor in the money you'll get back from selling it. Value wise, if you ever wanted to get rid of it, your Bugera can will still be a Bugera cab, and even if it has better speakers, people aren't going to pay much more for it.
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Avatar makes a nice cab that you can customize with color, grill and speaker choices.
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