It's fantastic. It's like a better version of Garageband for a better OS. *cue the Mac lovers*

But in all seriousness, it is fantastic.
Mixcraft is great. It's not super high-end but it's a lot more full-fledged than audacity and it's really easy to use, too. Though I can't speak for new versions since it's been a few years since I tried it. Don't remember it being that expensive though.
Just get Reaper dude. It's essentially free but you can buy a license pretty cheap. Much much better than Mixcraft. I've used both and Mixcraft is pretty horrible in comparision.
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It's the ****ing best and free. (But you should really buy it, it's only about 40$ or something)




I'd also suggest investing in the video tutorials - I paid about 60.00 for them I think, and they are well worth it (and cheap if you consider the costs of a professional studios' results) and they are hands on, and if you like to learn by doing, these are amazing and will make your results that much more worth it - it's literally a steal. The cost to benefits (what it will save you in time and stupidity and results) are so low on the cost end it's almost stupid. You'll save years of grief by investing in them!