I play mostly finger style blues,ragtime with some slide guitar and was looking to upgrade my choices were this and this and my budget is in the 100-250 dollar range. there are no reviews for the Cort so I cant tell if it is of quality but I like the look of it.
go for the resonator
stickin my nuts between my strings and strumming myself to extacy one note at at time since. . . .
i wouldn't get either of them unless you like a slender nut, which most fingestyle players don't. the roque has a 1 5/8" nut, the cort a slightly wider 1 11/16". btw, it's highly likely that the cort will be a step up in quality from the roque.
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I've got the Rogue "brass bodied" resonator (300 bucks) and it's quite nice. For what you describe I'm inclined to agree you might be happier with the Cort... That Rogue instrument is a hundred bucks less than mine and I can't imagine that they didn't take some shortcuts...
Also the "regular" instrument will be more versatile.

It's hard to set up an acoustic so that it plays well for both fingerstyle and slide. If you keep the action low enough for good fretting, you're going to have to develop a very delicate touch on the slide. Most slide instruments have the action raised and heavier strings to boot.