Tools in, you have to be gentle
Locks are delicate
You need to take it slow
Caress each pin until catches
Slowly opening her,
its such a thrill
This stuff is bigger than petty thievery, you know?
Someone's awake nearby
Motionless, they've gone away for now
Keep going
Its about half way there now
Must be rubbing her the right way
Another pin catches and I'm ever closer to my goal
Screech; too rough
No setback but I can't afford a noise!
If they hear me I'm done for
Touching this, the most precious of things
The walls are thin, I could be heard
Any moment now
But the risk, its ecstasy
A gentle sigh with one last little push
She's done

A kiss on the cheek and I'm gone
Daddy's sweet girl is untouched
At least, he thinks so

My work once again goes unnoticed
But, hey, I wouldn't be a good 'thief' if it didn't.

Look back on what I've just written it seems like a comparison that has been made a million times over but oh well. At least I'm writing again.

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It didn't take long to realise
The safest place was not her arms, but her eyes
Where she can't see you
For her gaze, it blisters;
Grey skin to cinders