good. tis exactly as you said........some blues. not much at all that i can criticise, so i'm being picky really, but in an instrumental this lengh, it might have been nice to hear you go down to lower notes more often, as that can make the listener's ears perk up a bit more.

i'm guessing, given the live feel of it, that it was done in minimal takes (maybe even 1st)...is this true?

don't have to, but you're welcome to listen to mine.
It was done in like 10, i kept missing notes the first 9 takes, the 10th wasn't so bad and I was tired so I called it good. Enough with the excuses and settling for less than perfect isn't ideal. But this is where I am at skills wise. I shoot these to force myself to improve, take after take I seem to get better at not missing notes, staying in key, phrasing, ect. Even my rhythm skills sharpen just by playing it over and over to try and make it more interesting/mix it up.

I do admit to getting stuck between the 7th and 15th fret on most of my improv/solos. Its the place I am best at connecting cord changes. Its the part of the fret board I know the best. What can I say I love the middle of the neck. But I also realize this causes boredom and it makes me see that i can mix it in even more for more interesting playing.

Thanks for the positive!
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